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The Evolution of Marble

ico-ligero - Tiling - Light
ico-resistente - Tiling - Resistant
ico-estanco - Tiling - Watertight/Insulating
ico-torsion - Tiling - Torsion resistant
ico-ecologico - Tiling - Ecological
ico-calidad - Tiling - High Quality

We have created a new marble based material

Its properties in hardness, weight and performance in installation, mark a new benchmark from now on, in the sectors of construction and decoration for its superior quality and remarkable savings.

Laminating two sheets of natural stone of reduced thickness and different types impedes the possible fracture of the natural stone vein.

Thanks to high tech resins of great adhesion and invasive capacity, a high density compact filling effect is produced, giving rise to a plate of greater cohesion. We thus obtain a greater gain in strength and resistance.