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About us

Engaging our clients with detail and craftmanship at work are the principles with which Benicantil Mármoles S.A. (Bemarsa) has been working since it opened its doors in 1984. Its objective: to offer clients the necessary confidence to carry out any project.

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The evolution of marble

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Cosy & Exclusive

Alabaster is a stone of great ornamental value, that in the past has been considered a semiprecious stone. Thus in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia it was used in sacred objects and places.

Its most appreciated feature is soft white color and translucency, which makes it ideal to use decorative panels and backlit LED displays.

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Relaxing spaces

A different way to understand bathrooms.
You prepare the space and we’ll get it there.
Fast, Comfortable, Elegant, Functional and Designed to taste.

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